Affiliate Programs

India's Ultimate Online Shopping Destination E-com Shopper's vision is to create India's most reliable and satisfaction e-commerce Program that creates life-changing experiences for you. Comfort is a very important thing nowadays because It is clear that our way of life must be as comfortable as possible.

What is the E-com shopper's referral program?

E-com shoppers is a referral program where you earn referral commission by mouth advertising products sold on ecom shopper's website and referring your friends and colleges to will earn referral commission each time when your friend makes a purchase with us.

Does the program have a joining fee?

There is minimum 1000 INR product purchase and 1000 INR subscription fee involved in joining the program, or participating in other activities in it. Here, Subscription amount can be redeemed into product purchase voucher.


What we offers ?

Option 1:- After successfully completing customer policy duration he/she get 35k virtual amount in their wallet, by which they can be redeem it in product purchase from company website (

Option 2:- After successfully completing customer policy duration if customer returns their product, which they purchase in our policy plan. So they get 1 lakh virtual amount in their wallet, by which they can be redeem it in product purchase from company website (

*Minimum 60,000 product purchase within 5 years.

How does the program work?

Once you register yourself with the ecom shoppers you can start promoting to your friends and collogues.


* MFA (Maintenance Field Allowances)

Product AMT Sale M.F.A.
1000 x 5 5000 1000
1000 x 10 10000 1500
1000 x 25 25000 4000
1000 x 50 50000 6000
1000 x 70 70000 8000
1000 x 100 100000 15000

*Fresh Joining (Level Income )

Level Level Income(%)
Level 1. 10
Level 2. 3
Level 3. 1.5
Level 4. 1
Level 5. 0.75
Level 6. 0.50
Level 7. 0.25
Level 8. 0.25
Level 9. 0.25
Level 10. 0.15
Level 11. 0.15
Level 12. 0.10
Level 13. 0.10

Whole Business Income 4%

Eligibily (Direct Member) Royalty session (Turn Over) %
5 Member Associate 0.5
10 Member Brand Associate 0.5
25 Member Brand Promoter 0.5
50 Member Brand Manager 0.75
70 Member Brand General Manager 0.75
100 Member Brand Director 1


  • An associate of this company and to participate in its referral Program. Only associate can redeem our product into virtual amount into wallet, during his 60 Month completed according our Policy.
  • 15 and 30 closing date of every month
  • MFA will be closed on last date of every month
  • Wallet minimum request 100 INR
  • Bank Request will be done by user any time
  • Every month company will be auto transferred to user
  • Wallet redeem in product purchase
  • *MFA - Maintenance Field Allowance